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05:11 pm: im happy just because, i found out i am really no one.
this is going to be a long week. i have to be ready to move by wendesday. i want to go to new york or philadelphia this weekend. however i have to move. ugh. so i guess ill just be satified with drinking while rafting and jumping off cliffs. god i hope i land on that tree. oh lord im jk. jesus is on my side and he'll save me from broken legs. i wonder if i could do a front flip and stil jump out 25 feet? haha well see.

bff ill miss you tons. we gotta make the best of the time until you leave and have tons of fun when you get back.

eric is my homeboy with all the secrets.


Current Mood: flirtycrushin'
Current Music: bright eyes


Date:July 20th, 2005 04:28 pm (UTC)
good luck with that cliff pioneer

i will miss you dearly bff.
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